Democratic Clubs of the Beaufort County Democratic Party

The Beaufort County Democratic Party works with three social Clubs that are dedicated to activities to promote the BCDP as well as Democratic ideas and values in each of their respective geographic areas.  Unlike the BCDP, there is a small membership fee to join each of the Clubs and their membership is open to anyone who identifies as a Democrat or interested in promoting Democratic values.  Each Club holds monthly meetings, social activities, and promotes educational and political events in their respective region.  In addition, to facilitate get out the vote activities, each Club assigns and organizes the precinct leaders within their area.   Each Club President is a member of the BCDP Executive Committee.

Democratic Club - North of the Broad

Description and Contact Info Forthcoming

Area:  North of the Broad including towns of Beaufort and Port Royal and St. Helena's and Lady's Island

Democratic Club - Sun City

Democratic Club - South of the Broad

 Area:   South of the Broad including Bluffton, Hilton Head, and Okatie

The Democratic Club - South of the Broad is  a social club of liberally-minded, progressive-thinking individuals who come together to discuss current events, engage in political activity, provide educational programs, network through formal and informal activities, support local Democratic candidates, communicate on pending legislation that impacts the citizen residents, and organizes the precincts within the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas.

Committed wholly to transparent, inclusive, democratic, and political ideals, the Democratic Club South of the Broad aspires to be accessible and available to anyone who wants to participate in the democratic process.  Understanding the interests of all citizens is a large part of our mission, the Democratic Club SOB encourages diversity with regards to civil, women, immigrant, and all human rights.

The SOB Democratic Club is governed by a Steering Committee.  The Club is always seeking individuals who would like to be involved in any aspect of the Club's activities and welcomes newcomers.


The Steering Committee members are Bill Walker (President); Chris deVries (First Vice President), Membership (Carolyn Shamlin), Treasurer (Linda Ginsberg), Fundraising (Sally Nicastre), Website (Judy Dunning), Press Relations (Carol Walters), Eileen Poveromo, Michael Lewis, Donna Williams, Carol Rommel, Linda Pfeifer, Donna Williams, Melody Irvin, John Giles, and Malcolm Maclennan.  In addition, the SOB has the following Committees:

Social Media (Chris deVries)

Voter Registration (Kathleen Mardell, Chair)

Precinct Organization (Bill Walker/Chris deVries)

Programs (Bill Walker)


Contact Information:

President Bill Walker  -

Facebook:  @Demsclub


Democratic Club - Sun City

  • Area:  Sun City (Bluffton)

  • Mission. Democrats of Sun City was formed to foster local participation in government and the political process.  The DoSC mission is to support the principles and platform of the state and national Democratic Party through active participation in Democratic Party politics.

  • Organizational Authority. Democrats of Sun City is organized as a registered group under the bylaws of the Sun City Hilton–Head Homeowners Association and as a political club under the rules of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

  • Organizational Structure.

    • The Democrats of Sun City organizational structure comprises nine precincts and several special interest committees. Some committees are grouped under working groups.

    • Precincts. Democrats of Sun City oversees nine precincts that lie within the geographic boundaries of the Sun City–Hilton Head community. It also includes the River Bend neighborhood of Sun City, which lies within the Chechessee 2 precinct. Sun City Precincts 1 through 8 lie within Beaufort County. Sun City Precinct 9 lies within Jasper County. Precinct captains are elected or appointed as proscribed under the South Carolina Democratic Party rules. Precinct captains are members of the appropriate county executive committee.

    • Working Groups and Committees. Democrats of Sun City also includes several working groups, many of which encompass one or more specialized committees. (Most of these are listed under the Links to Electronic Resources, below.) Each committee focuses on a specific interest or policy area. These groups allow DoSC members with shared interests to work together to educate DoSC and community members, advocate for progressive public policies, and engage in other political actions related to the committee’s interest. These groups also engage in outreach by collaborating with non-DoSC organizations with corresponding interests, including regional and national organizations.

  • Membership. Most DoSC members reside in Sun City. Nonresidents may join but require a pass to enter the Sun City Hilton Head community. Nonresidents may obtain a pass by contacting a DoSC member who resides in Sun City.

  • Meetings. Democrats of Sun City meet the third Tuesday of each month except during July and August when meetings are not held. Meetings begin with socializing at 6:30 pm. The formal meeting begins at 7:00. Contact an officer for the meeting location.

  • Dues. The DoSC membership dues are $15 per year.


Contact Information

Contact the Democrats of Sun City through one of the officers listed below or through the facilitator of a special interest committee.



  • President                                            Bob Donelson                   843-707-7554                   

  • Vice President                                   Steve Capps                       913-683--1639                  

  • Secretary                                           Nancy Stencil                    843-707-1712                    

  • Treasurer                                           Phyllis Baxter                   843-705-6842                   

  • Jasper County (Sun City Prct 9)     Tom Balliet                        262-389-5241                    

Links to electronic resources

Democrats of Sun City Public Web Page

Special Interest Committee Web Pages

            Environmental Working Group

                        Earth Day Team

                        Global Climate Change Team

                        Plastics in our Environment

            Healthcare Study Group

                        Healthcare for All

                        Medicaid Expansion in South Carolina

            Human Rights Working Group

                        Immigration and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Team

                        Equal Rights Amendment Team

                        Voting Rights Team

                        Gerrymandering and the 2020 Congressional Redistricting

Gun Sense

Improving Infrastructure

Economy and the Jobs of the Future

Democrats of Sun City Facebook Page


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