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The Beaufort Democratic Party does not have a membership (as compared to the Democratic Clubs) as there are no dues required to associate with the local Democratic Party.  Furthermore,  as South Carolina does not require voter registration by political party, there is no official list of Democrats in the state of South Carolina.  For these reasons, the only way to identify Democrats in the community is through outreach and networking.

For the reasons stated above, it is necessary for the BCDP to maintain multiple methods of communications in order to educate the public on Democratic activities in the community.  The BCDP has the following methods of communication:

1.  ListServ

The BCDP sends out periodic emails advising local Democrats of activities in Beaufort County.  To subscribe to the BCDP ListServ, please sign up at this link.  To unsubscribe to the BCDP ListServ, enter your email address at the same link and you will be immediately unsubscribed.

2.  Website

The BCDP maintains this webpage (beaufortcountyscdems.org) as a forum for information sharing with all interested individuals.  To contact the webmaster, please email beaufortcountydems@gmail.com.

3.  Facebook Page

The BCDP maintains a FB page for the purpose of sharing news and information as well as maintaining an up to date active Events Section.  To access the Beaufort County Democratic FB page:  @BeaufortCountyDems (https://www.facebook.com/BeaufortCountyDems/).

4.  Twitter Account

The BCDP maintains a Twitter Account @CountyBeaufort

5.  Vimeo Videos

BCDP develops short educational videos and posts them on the website and the Vimeo website.

6.  Press Release and Relations

For all BCDP Press Releases and Media Inquiries:  Press and Media

7.  Liaison with Other Community Organizations

For resources and community organizations in Beaufort County, link here.


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