Beaufort County Democratic Party


The Beaufort County Democratic Party (BCDP) is the political party for anyone who identifies as a Democrat or caucuses with the Democratic Party in the county.  Since individuals in South Carolina do not register by a political party, there is no official membership in any political party.


In Beaufort County, many of the Democratic activities are hosted by one of four clubs including monthly meetings, forums, training sessions, and special events.  There is a nominal fee to join one of the Democratic Clubs.  In addition, there is a Young Democrats Chapter affiliated with the County Party.

The mission of the BCDP is to elect Democrats to local, county, state, and federal office; to raise funds to support those candidates, and to further the platform of the Democratic Party in our local community.  The BCDP hosts social events, educational forums, training, fundraisers, and conducts a biannual county convention.

The BCDP is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of elected and appointed officers and precinct captains from each of Beaufort County’s 95 precincts.  The  BCDP Executive Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services Building Community Room in Okatie, S.C. with a 5:30 PM social hour and 6:00 – 8:00 PM meeting. 


During this time of COVID-19 - all BCDP Meetings are virtual.


Officers of the Executive Committee of the Beaufort County Democratic Party are elected by the delegates to the Beaufort County Democratic Convention held in February of the even years or appointed by the Elective Committee.  In addition, the Presidents of the four Democratic Clubs in the county are voting members of the Executive Committee.  Current 2020-2022 Officers are:


Chair:  Mayra Rivera-Vazquez (Bluffton)

First Vice-Chair:  William Walker (Hilton Head)

Second Vice-Chair:  Beth Young (Beaufort)

Third Vice-Chair:  Emily Mayer (Hilton Head)

Secretary:  Roses Ewing (Beaufort)

Treasurer:  Chris deVries (Hilton Head)

Executive Committeeman:  John Glover (St. Helena)

Executive Committeewoman:  Pamela Brandon (Beaufort)

Executive Committeeman (Alternate):  Edward Mouton (Beaufort)

Executive Committeewoman (Alternate):  Kathleen Hughes Mardell (Bluffton)

Finance Chair:  Justin Jarrett  (Bluffton)

North of the Club President:  Mike Bogle

South of the Broad Club President: Cathy McClellan

Sun City Club  President:  Michael Schwartz

Bluffton Club President:  Kathleen Mardell 


In addition, the BCDP Executive Committee appoints Standing Committees, as needed.  In 2017, the Executive Committee agreed to establish the following Committees:

Bylaws Committee:  Flo Rosse

Communications and Media Relations Committee:  Justin Jarrett, Rose Ewing

Fundraising Committee:  Justin Jarrett

Nominations and Elections Committee

Training Committee:   Chris deVries, Beth Young

Voter Database Committee:   Kathleen Mardell

Candidate Recruitment Committee:  Mayra Rivera-Vazquez

BCDP 2021-2022 Strategic Plan

In March 2021, the BCDP Executive Committee approved a two-year strategic plan to prepare for the 2022 Elections.

Mission:  Elect Democrats to public office and encourage participation in the political process by people of all background who embrace the values of the Democratic Party

Goal 1:  Recruit and support Democratic candidates for partisan and non-partisan positions through financial and educational resources with a focus on municipal, county, state, and national level positions.

  1. Identify all open positions upcoming in 2021 and 2022 and recruit potential candidates.

  2. Create and provide in-depth training resources (in-person and webinars) to candidates including manuals, workshops, and mentoring programs at least twice a year.

  3. Connect candidates with constituents through regularly scheduled events and forums.

  4. Host or promote county-wide fundraising events to generate financial resources for candidates.

  5. Coordinate with national campaigns to provide information and avenues to volunteers and mobilize precinct communities in support of those campaigns.

  6. Identify any resources available on the state or national level, and foster engagement between those organizations and local candidates to maximize their chances of success.

Goal 2:  Voter Empowerment:  organized effort to maximize Voter Turnout in Beaufort County.

  1. Educating potential voters about proper voting procedures, providing low-effort opportunities for voters to get registered, facilitating access to the polls, and protecting voting rights for all.

  2. Intensive voter registration efforts among younger individuals and underrepresented communities have undertaken with allies in progressive activist organizations and minority communities.

  3. 95:59 strategy: Provide resources for voter registration and turnout, volunteer recruitment, and training to the 95 precincts to turn blue 59 of them.

  4. Build and maintain an effective Voter Database Countywide.

  5. Recruit Poll Watchers in every County Precinct. Promote Dems to be Poll workers.


Goal 3:  Develop a messaging plan to communicate our Democratic values and increase BCDP presence across the county.

  1. Develop a short, well-articulated, consistent, coordinated, and disciplined message using DNC and SCDP platform.

  2. Keep our website and social media outlets current, relevant, and helpful. BCDP should continuously seek out new forms of advertising and evaluate the viability and reach of the current forms, as media evolves.

  3. Increase participation of our members at local and county public meetings and advisory boards.

  4. Educate and train volunteers to be advocates on the current state of government legislation and upcoming plans of new legislation (proactive in getting the message out versus reactive).

  5. Link with other community organizations and interest groups to amplify/supplement BCDP message and democratic values.


Goal 4:   Build a modern, long-term political infrastructure.

  1. Strengthening the Party infrastructure and ensuring that the strategic areas can be supported.

  2. Outreach efforts are undertaken to bring diverse populations into the BCDP.

  3. Raise funds for use by the BCDP to maintain healthy operations and expand vibrant outreach without overwhelming the party’s volunteer base.

  4. Increase participation within the organization by filling at least 90% of precinct positions.

  5. Commit to ongoing team building, training, and education to our officers, precinct leaders, and volunteers.

  6. Engaging with other political, resistance, and community groups to increase the impact we have across the county.