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The BCDP is looking for volunteers to serve as precinct officers, candidates interested in running for office, people to host fundraisers, among other activities. If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the link above and tell us about your interest area.  Thank you.


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BDCP Chair Mayra Rivera Vazquez testifying at the SC House Redistricting Hearing in Bluffton on September 16

Help Us Get Ready for 2022

We are building our infrastructure and outreach so we are prepared for the upcoming 2022 Elections. In South Carolina, all state elective offices are up for election (Governor, etc.) as well as challenges to Sen. Tim Scott's seat and reclaiming our Congressional seat. But, most importantly we are planning data-driven expansive campaigns for our local candidates to increase the number of Democrats in the State House and the County Council.


We have seen the consequences of the 2020 elections with Republicans gaining a supermajority in the State Senate on our state's policies. in a span of a few short months, the Republicans have passed bills to ban abortion, relax gun laws, discriminate against members of the LGBT community, and consider dangerous anti-environmental legislation.


It is time to fight back by mounting competitive political challenges to all of the incumbent Republicans. Please help us in our efforts by contributing to the BCDP today


Madam Vice-President and Madam Speaker

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BCDP Chair consults with Presidential Candidate Joe Biden during Emily Clyburn's memorial service in Charleston.

Start Planning For 2022

It is not too soon to start thinking about the 2022 mid-term elections.  How would like to participate - as a candidate, as a precinct leader, as a volunteer?  Whatever role you play - it will be critical to continue making Democratic inroads in Beaufort County.

The BCDP has convened a Candidate Recruitment Committee with representatives from every region from the County to identify candidates who want to run for office in 2022.  In addition, the BCDP Training Committee is holding 90-minute sessions on What You Need to Know About Running for Office in Beaufort County.

There are many elected positions open in 2022.  We encourage everyone to consider whether this is a path they would like to pursue.   Link here for a list of elected positions that currently have Republican incumbents that will be up for election in November 2022.

Join a Democratic Club in Your Area

There are four membership clubs in the Beaufort County Democratic Party that facilitate Democrats and those interested in Democratic politics to meet on a regular basis, be educated by engaging speakers, and participate in social activities. 

To find out more about these Clubs, their activities, and how to join as a member, please click the appropriate link below.  Each Club maintains its own membership e-mail list, Facebook page, and website separate from the BCDP.  The Presidents of each of these clubs participate as active members of the Executive Committee of the BCDP.

Please note that there is NO membership fee or requirement to be involved with a Democratic Club in order to be active with the Beaufort County Democratic Party (BCDP).

Most Clubs are meeting via Zoom at this time.

Democratic Club - North of the Broad

Meeting:  3rd Thursday of the Month at 6:00 PM

Place:  Grace African Methodist Episcopal Chapel,

502 Charles Street

Contact:   Email:   NOBdems@gmail.com

Phone:   843-321-8004


Bluffton Democratic Club

Meeting::  1st Wednesday of the Month at 6:00 PM

Contact:  contact@blufftondemocrats.com

Democratic Club - South of the Broad

Meetings:   2nd Tuesday of the Month at 11:30 PM

                    4th Tuesday of the MOnth at 7:00 PM

Contact:  demclubhhi@gmail.com 

Democrats of Sun City

Meeting:  3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m

Contact:  suncitydemclub@gmail.com

For more information on the local Democratic Clubs:


Beaufort County at the SCDP Convention - June 2019